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CONSTANT declarations

One thing I would like for symbolic constants is the same flexibility
that one now has with SPECIAL declarations - namely, if done at top-level
of a "file", the declarations is in effect for all functions, but
if done within a LAMBDA or PROG (as a local declare) it has only
local effect.  I would like to propose  "CSETQ"  instead of "CONSTANT"
and let CSETQ merely turn into SETQ in the interpreter; but the compiler
would notice top-level CSETQ's, and in addition to doing the SETting, 
would put a CONSTANT (or CSETQ) property on the propterty list of the
symbol.  But for local declarations, e.g.
  ((LAMBDA (A B N) 
	   (TIMES B (//$ (*$ 2.0 PI) 13.0) N))
    'T (MUMBLIFY) 4)
then the PI would get "evalualted" out of the "//$", but N would
not be "folded" out.   If the name "CSETQ" has bad connotations,
then how about other suggestions?  Of course, the compiler would
signal as erroneous an attempt to lambda-bind a symbolic-constant.