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    Date: 11 OCT 1978 0633-EDT
    From: jpg and hic at MIT-MC
    Sent-by: HIC at MIT-MC
    JPG and I think that due to the trouble with * with the init file, and
    the fact that * is a losing name, the first filename for the everyone
    init file should be [ALL].  What think you...(MACSYMA and LISP may
    change to this scheme regardless of what DDT does).

I don't think * is at all a losing name!  I think that it's use to mean "match
anything" is widespread and generally accepted, and that [ALL] is rather
foolish.  * has the additional advantage of quieting the cretins that like
having init files at the beginning of the directory.  I definately think it
should stay as it is, particularly given that things have changed so much