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When a person
without a directory logs in, his HSNAME is set to be the directory that
his files are on.  For example. on MC we have the GUEST1; GUEST2; GUEST3;
(et al.) directories.  DDT has all the smarts about where an init file is
kept.  Therefore, to get FOO's init file one would type:
which would set the HSNAME correctly when you start up the next program
(for example, L^K)

If you mean by public init files init files to be used by many people, then
you should put the init file somewhere and specifiy it in the JCL line:
:L foo;bar
which will look for foo;bar > (notice the change to use >).  If you wish to
have an init file on a certain directory to be used by everyone, then you
would use a small "kludge" (the foo; construct as the JCL) and put
foo;* LISP to be the init file that you wanted.  Therefore, if you had an ABC;
directory with an init file to build program ABC, then one would name
the init file ABC;* LISP and for an arbitrary person to use it they would
note that this is not really a feature of the general init file scheme, but
is a minor kludge put in for this purpose.