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ARRAY relocations in MACLISP

BPORG and BPEND delineate the free binary program space, with programs
eating up from below, and arrays from above.  There should be no need for
a user to try to control the array relocations, since the space between
BPORG and the top of arrays is treated like a general heap - when there 
isn't enuf space between bporg and bpend, the first arrays are shuffled
upwards to close out any already-dead space; then if there still isn't
enough room, a GC is done to see if any more arrays died; finally, if 
there still isn't enough room, more address space is eaten from the 
time-sharing system allocator (ocasionally leading to "NO CORE? - mumble"
   However, if you are building up a set of mumbles - arrays and programs - 
and know in advance that about, say, 32K is needed to hold them, then do
two things first
  1)   setq *NORET to non-null, to prevent returning address space,
  2)   (GETSP 33000.) or some such suitable number.
I think this is what you want.  Probably after building up the system,
you should reset *NORET to null.