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There should be no new LISP-related files on this directory since our
discussion of the problem (of where to put LISP-auxilliary files) last
February.  In addition, there should never have been source files there.
So regarding HIC's proposed changes, I would caution
1) Get all FASL files for autoload stuff on LISP directory
2) Dont move all sources to COMLAP, since some are written in MIDAS and
   have been on the L directory.  
3) Leave the dozen or so links on COMMON that we agreed upon last Feb.
4) Continue to encourage user-supplied packages to be put on LIBDOC and
   LIBLSP, and dont hassle users who do so.  Any such files we deem 
   important enough to have initial autoload properties can either be
   linked from the LISP directory, or moved over as with the other
   system-supplied files.