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_FASL_ and _UNFA_

The automatic reapers, including those in people's heads, could be made
to know about these FN2's, but what does it buy?  Nothing as far as I can see;
the only way to manipulate the temporary output file names is by using translations
and it seems clear to me that anyone doing that and needing the name of the
file being compiled in there is wedged.  In any case this would be better done
by giving JCL to the compiler.

It seems to me the real problem was that the name of the UNFASL file used to be the
same as its final name so that your UNFASL file could get clobbered by an aborted
computation.  But calling it _UNFA_ OUTPUT should be a reasonable fix for that.

Could you ask whoever it was who wanted this feature to tell me what it does for them?