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From:     CWH@MIT-AI (Sent by GJS@MIT-AI)
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 78 21:04:52 GMT
Original-Date: 09/02/78 17:04:52 EDT
    The behavior of LAST seems rather obscure for arguments it is not used to
It isn't obscure, it is quite understandable.
    (LAST '(A B . C)) --> C

    which is essentially useless.  I think it should return the last cons in the
This is an old suggestion, but the problem is that it is much easier to CDR down
the list and look for NIL then it is to check at each step whether you have
a CONS, etc....perhaps an initial arg check is in order (at least you better
have handed the thing a CONS).  But as for checking every step along the way,
my suggestion is that you write LISP code to do it the way you want to.