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    Date: 12 AUG 1978 0805-EDT
    From: RWK at MIT-MC (Robert W. Kerns)
    Alloc? N
    (IN FOO)^G
    MPV; TTYIC1+2>>HLR R,(TT)  R/   SETZ C  116003/ ??
I believe I have finally fixed a long-standing "misfeature" of LISP.
I have changed the channel allocation algorithm so that lower channel
numbers are allocated first (how does this win, you may ask).  Well,
since ITS interrupts on the lowest TTY channel, the canonical TTY channel
will now initially be the lowest!!  Therefore, this bug (which occured because
the ^G interrupt occured in the new channel) and probablky
many other oddities will now have been corrected.  On the other hand, I have
probably just screwed N people who relied on this manic behaviour....