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more details on CSD.SCHNEPPER@SCORE's complaint

His account was renamed by copying his files to a temporary directory,
KILLing the old account, and creating a new one with the same directory
number as his old one (for FINGER, BBOARD, and SYSMSG, which are keyed
on directory number, so he wouldn't see all the messages again).  The
problem looks like:


LISP 1804 with NEW I/O
Alloc? n

(UWRITE)?Illegal op executed

This happens both to him and to me if I CONNECT to him.  To see if it
was name-dependent, I created a directory for him on my MRC: disk
structure, and MACLISP when connected there tried to write on <GAMES>
because the right half of the directory number for the MRC: directory
was the same as PS:<GAMES>!!!!!

Obviously MACLISP does not understand about structure names, and is
probably making some horrible assumption about what to do with the
left half of a directory number.

Also, that error message is completely uninformative - I poked around
a bit in DDT before giving up in disgust.  MACLISP is worse in its
crashes than the Tops-20 monitor is.  At the least, a crash message
should give the PC of the losing instruction, and also if it was a
JSYS that barfed it should print out the message for the JSYS error
code (the ERSTR JSYS).  Better yet, MACLISP should always use ERCAL
or ERJMP after JSYS's and recover reasonably from JSYS errors.