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Thanks for finding these bugs.

    Date: 28 MAY 1979 1332-EDT
    From: RWK at MIT-MC (Robert W. Kerns)
    The patch to .SET pushed TT onto FXP around a PUSHJ P,BIND ...however,
    if BIND gets PURPG interrupt stuff for the SFX'ed frob at SETXIT gets
    pushed onto FXP, so what gets popped is not what got pushed, and what
    is left is not what what SPWIN was looking for.  So I changed the patch
    on MC to save TT onto FLP instead of FXP.  This fixes the (SETQ T NIL)
    getting a PURPG error.  However, I note that there is no trace of this
    patch in the source at all!
I have just put this in the source, so it will be in subsequent assemblies.
But this isn't the problem with the CMU version, which still bombs out.
I guess we'll have the "opportunity" to try out AIDDT.

From:     RWK@MIT-MC
Date: Sun, 28 May 79 09:17:27 GMT
Original-Date: 05/28/79 05:17:27 EDT
Subject: Re: DEFMAC in MACSYMA

    FOOBAR!  loading DEFUN& in MACSYMA does not load DEFMAX, while
    in a bare LISP it does.  The result is that MACROEXPAND doesn't get
    defined in MACSYMA, but it does in a bare LISP.  It does this even
    if you do (SETQ AUTOLOAD '+INTERNAL-AUTOLOAD).  I don't know what's
    going on.  I can't find where in DEFMAC it ever causes DEFMAX to get loaded.
    But it seems to in a bare LISP!
This is now fixed.  Apparently it was caused by a phase error in my 
updating of DEFMAC - the new LISP will have initial AUTOLOAD properties
for MACROEXPAND etc, and hence won't require the superfluous settings
from every macro defined by defmacro.