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RENAMEF doing damaging things

There is a bug in RENAMEF similar to the DELETEF bug reported earlier.
The file SLURP.HIC on C410DT50 may be used to demonstrate the problem.
Simply run NEWLSP and say (SLURP C410DT50 SLURP MCL) followed by
(UNSLURP SLURP).  The reply will be something like (UNSLURPED . #10064).
The correct reply is (UNSLURPED SLURP MCL).

Look at the function DSKOUT1.  Put BREAK's around the two calls to
RENAMEF and do the rename's by hand from another job.  Notice that the
problem disappears.  

The above should be done using the standard LISP.INI file that appears
on C380NT00.  I hope this gets fixed soon.