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# as an initial READ character macro

In clarification of my previous message - too many people think that if
a thing autoloads, that it will just be there. Which is nice I guess,
but unfortunately, many people (myself, RWK) have at least one and often
several different (often completely conflicting) # macros ... I think it
would make the world too confusing for there to be introduced at this point
a 'standard' # in addition to the hundreds of nonstandard ones ... it's not
like "`" where everyone that had one had in essence the same thing. # has
classically been used for too many functions. I even use it as a normal alpha
in some of my files. Please don't make me /-ify it at this point...As few
people as are still writing in MACLISP these days (ie, haven't switched to
designing NIL, are just maintaining Macsyma, or are working on Lisp machine)
I don't think it's that useful ... people might be able to remove the load
message from their files, but they might as well leave it there if it already
is - that much extra ascii on disk is not gonna hurt...