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BackQuote query

(1) For reasons of helping out beginners w/ how backquote works conceptually
 I wish that you would leave the version of it that completely disappears
 (ie, turns into LIST, LIST*, etc) at least accessible on LIBLSP; if not
 actually switchable by a variable as to which the user prefers.

(2) Can GRINDEF be patched to look for `(A . ,B) ? I can understand why
 the question was was asked (ie, that it will automagically do the right
 think w/ `(A ,@ B) but I think having `(A . ,B) to be important [1] and
 in any case, for a pretty printer to lose on a major form is bad... 
 Enforcing programming style on the basis of pretty-printer is the just
 the opposite cause-effect relation that one should be looking for.

(3) [Hack!] It has been pointed out (if you really wanna get funny about it)
 that you could have `(A . ,B) => (HUNK 'A '|,-`-mark| (list B)) and the
 evaluator would never even notice the mark was there! Any pretty printer
 that wanted to notice that a certain form had been assembled w/ backquote
 could do so.... [Re-emphasize: not a serious suggestion (heaven forbid someone
 should implement this and I have to live w/ it!) ... just pointing it out
 formally for the record.]

(4) I am also concerned with what happens when something of this form is
 printed into a file and later restored. The current implementation of
 backquote is autoloading (?) ... it should be made clear that |,-`-mark|
 and it's brother must autoload as well. Otherwise you'll lose when you 
 save and restore something before having called "`" explicitly.

(5) Given that 1,2, and 4 above can be made to work correctly, I guess I
 would not gripe too much if it changed.


ps (I don't use Defmacro)