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Interrupts in 20X MacLisp

More generally, as I understand it, there are many characters (^C, ^G)
which are hard-wired in 20X maclisp.  This is a gross loss (please
correct me if I am confused!).  [I realize DEC may be at fault!]

In general, any programming system which does not support (or at least
ALLOW under some degree of user effort) full 128 character,
character-at-a-time I/O (preferably 256 chars) is a loss for a CS
research&development system.  For example, you cannot simulate (much less
implement for serious use) Emacs!  Every char should be user-redefinable,
as an interrupt included.  The more compromises that are made with this,
the worse off you are.  If it cannot be fixed, it will eventually
contribute to the outside world's decision that Lisp not be taken

Regards, Mark