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Half Bug / Half Already-fixed Bug

I have been getting 

Loading GRINDEF 420

for a long time now at various random times...I have just figured
out why ... Rather than a PROBEF, GFN seems to do


There seem to be two bugs here ... 

1. The file never gets closed (I haven't fixed this ... I don't know what
    EOPEN does so am hesitant to fiddle with the code following it)

2. If the open fails, presumably the ERRSET is supposed to harmlessly trap
   the error - but if ERRSET (var) is bound, it doesn't - the error still
   BKPT's ... so I have fixed it up to be


   in version 421 of GRIND. 

If someone could look at bug (1) mentioned above tho' it would be nice.
Presumably the file array will get closed next time the garbage collector
runs but that's pretty hackish...

Also, if someone could give me info on what EOPEN does that's different
from OPEN, maybe it is something compatible with my IOTA package and
we could use IOTA in this case...

Thanx. -kmp