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bugs in tops-10 lisp (from FININ@mit-ai)

    [1] .INI files
       Initialization files are not being read properly.  More
       often than not, some characters in a .INI file are mis-read.
Can you give a specific example of this.  INI files seem to work on other systems.
Sending an init file that fails would be greatly appreciated.
    [2] Supressing a .INI file
       There is no way to supress the reading of a .INI file.  Specifically,
    	RUN COM:NLISP; . 
Yeah, on eof these days when I get off my butt....
    [3] BPS space fixed
       From Peter Dewolf[1,762] on April 5, 1979 at 2:44 PM
       I recall seeing (during my scan of lisp.new) that they were adding assembly
       conditionals based on processor type--ka, ki, kl.   If you are on a ki or kl
       running under a virtual memory monitor, you can do core allocation with PAGE.
       UUOs, which allow you to allocate a page anywhere you want.  The only thing
       you have to be careful of doing is shrinking core with a CORE UUO, which will
       deallocate the non-contiguous pages too.  Given this fact, I wonder why they
       complain about tops-10?  Maybe they don7t want to do much work on a tops-10
       version of maclisp, and hence do not want to have to write code that will
       check if you are using a vm monitor (which is easy to check) and do page. uuo
       core allocation if so.  (another probelm with that is that individual users
       may or may not have the ability to go virtual.  I would hope that they could
       use page. uuos within their physical cormax, though!)
Use of Tops-10 VM is planned.  I will probably hack this during the summer sometime
at CMU, and will have a version ready for release by September if all goes well.
    [4]  ^U disabled
      From Peter Dewolf[1,762] on April 5, 1979 at 2:36 PM
      is it my imagination, or does ^U no longer work in nlisp to erase the
      current line?
 Yes indeed, ^U has been disabled.  I don't know if there is a substitute,
     or if one can be programed easily.
Hmmm...yeah, default is character mode I/O.  If you do an (SSTATUS LINMODE T) you
will probably get ^U processing.
    As a whole, this versions seems to run pretty well.