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Re: Maclisp

2.  Maclisp still does the wrong thing even in ascii mode output to
the tty.  The initial tyo has the attributes (tty output ascii single),
yet when (tyo 9.) is done, it sends the tab to the tty in image mode,
tthus the system can't convert it to blanks.  Doing
(princ (implode '(9))) does the same thing, so its not a property of
only tyo.

3.  Maclisp should use the TTYCALL "OUTCHR" to output characters singly
in ascii mode, "OUTSTR" to output characters in block mode in ascii,
and "IONEOU" to output 8 bit image characters~.  In other workds, on TOPS-10,
you must look at the file type to determine which instruction to
use before outputting a character.

4.  This is clearly a change from the previous version of Maclisp, in which
OUTCHR was use for everything.  Now, it appears as if IONEOU is used for
everything, which is not an improvement.  (The problem shows up in grindef,
which outputs tabs for its spacing requirements, which don't get converted
into spaces if IONEOU is done.  the problem also shows up with the terpri
switch, which is now ignored, and "print" no longer generates crlf whether
or not the terpri switch is on.

5.  For student use, the tyo is better left in ascii mode, while for
clever control of terminals, one would rather use image mode.

6.  Give me a call at (716)-275-5860 if you have any questions.