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(from Finin@mit-ai)

Re: rubout processing on tops-10

Is there any SIMPLE way to get maclisp to backspace over
rubbed-out chars typed on the TTY?  Like telling maclisp
that one is using a glass type terminal?  I don't even care
if the rubout processing is super dumb, requiring manual
^L's or ^K's.  

I used to win (in LISP 1137 w/o newio or bibop) by changing
^H's syntax and re-defining ^H's interupt function and then
using ^H as the rubout character.  Actually,  I'd like to
continue to use ^H as the rubout, as:
  (1) This is the rubout char used by almost everyone throughout
	the rest of the system.
  (2) Our most common TTY is the Hazeltine 1500 which has rubout
	as a shift key (sigh).