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Re: tnx-lisp

[1]  Namestring should always succeed if the string given it is
syntactically correct.  However, *sometimes* if you name string an
existing file without specifying a version number, GETJFN will give
you error : No such version.  namestring will always succeed
on nonexistant file names.  This appears to be a TNX bug.  Hackers
here claim that output file groups are not guaranteed to work.

[2]  A side effect of many namestrings is to cause the version number of
the existing file set to 99999.  eg.  If EMACS is haning onto file foo.lsp;89
and you read that file into lisp, and then go back to the original EMACS
and do ^x^s you will write ot foo.lsp;99999.  I see that the no acess by
other forks bit is on, so maybe someone is aware of this problem.  But I
dont think that bit does anything.  (Or I am confused about what is means).

Solution:  Make RH of LFGBLK -3.  This is equivalent to '*' which is
always the right thing.