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	If you do a (tyi 13. <file-object>) tyo gives you at
line-feed along with the carriage return when you are outputting to a
file. The problem is that the line-feed is delayed until the next character
is tyoed. Ie. if you do a (tyo 13. <file-object>) then a
(filepos <file-object> (sub1 (filepos <file-object>))) and then some more
i/o. instead of having just the carriage return (13.) like one would
expect, you wind up with just the line-feed (10.).

	If I have Gc stats turned on during a program hacking these
things the base  for output to the console seems completely screwed up.

; ^{ [34%] LIST  AB [78%] FIXNUM .... get the picture.

At one point Lisp blew up with an illegal machine operation.

	If someone is willing to look into this I can cause the
base problem to happen at will. along with the tyo problem