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Well you win a few , you lose a few. In general
1804 is better, but it still has an old bug
and it has aquired a awful new one.
The new one is that you optimized the output
to be so fast that tere is no padding (or not enough)
for some terminals at 9600 baud (like Hazeltine 2000's).
The first  four chars are being lost. Hazeltines are semi-unique
in that they need padding after the <CR>. (TI 733's
need that type of padding too.)

Old bug: TRUENAME lies. Truename and the other nameing
functions (except for DEFAULTF) give the wrong PPN
for a file object.  Instead of returning the true PPN of the filethey give the PPN found in the UNAME or UDIR.
So the helpful debugging hint is "why does DEFAULTF work?"

Oh well, keep 'em comin'.