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A previously "lost" notice
From:     JONL@MIT-MC
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 79 16:47:58 GMT
Original-Date: 02/10/79 12:47:58 EDT
Subject: Re: ASSLIS
    A few three-letter abbreviations flushed: MSA, and all "xxO" meaning oldio
    A few more added: SAI is standard SAIL mnemonic, SA1 sets the "hisegment"
       flag to zero to get a one-segment assembly, SAP sets the "paging" flag
       to one (and "hisegment" to zero) for a paging version.  Similar suffixes
       apply to REL and CMU (i.e., RE1, REP, CM1, CMP)
And another one
From:     JONL@MIT-MC
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 79 08:10:39 GMT
Original-Date: 02/01/79 04:10:39 EDT
Subject: Re: DEFMAC and DEFUN&
    A fence-post error in the processing of &rest's
    has been fixed