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If I define " as a read macro character that TYI's til another ",
the following loses:

(PRINT ";")

because Lisp's tty-prescan doesn't see the matching ')' - it thinks it
is commented out ... sigh. Is there a syntax bit I can set that tells
lisp to mind its own business about things between "'s? 


If I type


I would like to have the " be able to throw to a tag in READ saying that
it didn't get anything. Could it be arranged to have READ have such a 
CATCH frame in it - if something NCONS'd were received (Lisp could NCONS
the result) then it would win and if something atomic were returned 
the READ could return an end-of-file on the tty?

As it is now I just return NIL but I see no reason a value should get
printed by Lisp's main read-eval-loop for over-rubbed-out things...??