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Multiple-user access to file directories

I've noticed several messages on BUG-LISPM recently of the
flavor "will whoever modified such-a-such a file please fix his bugs".
I would be nice if ITS, like TOPS-20, kept account of who created
a file.  Not only would it help the LISPM types who have 6 or so
persons working on the project, but it would alleviate other crunches.
For example, I generally like to have a copy of the most recent
version of a file which I've worked on, in order to trace the evolution
of my work on it, and I've asked others on the LISP mailing list
to respect this wish, at least to the extent of giving me a couple
days notice when there is the need to do additional reaping on the 
directory.  The GFR, in effect, gives at least two weeks notice by
reaping only files at least that old.
   But in the past month, HIC has deleted all my "old-work" files
on three separate ocasions, even after I specifically asked him for
this "several day" consideration;  the most recent losses were only
30 hours old!  Indeed, part of the problem is that there was no way
for him to know that RPG, rather than me, made the latest additions.
I would like to plead, strongly, for this "creator/author" record
to be put into ITS.
   I'll admit that this problem, both on LISPM; and on L;, occurs primarily
when there is a rapid pace of development, by several (possibly
cooperating) persons.  On the other hand, many projects go thru
such a phase, so it is likely to recur again and again.