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BTW this is the full text of CWH's mail wrt the mail I just sent:
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 79 07:40:48 GMT
Original-Date: 02/04/79 03:40:48 EDT
The Macsyma undefined function handler seems to act strangely when
given certain lisp forms.  If FOO is undefined and BAR is unbound, then
gives an error that BAR is unbound, and does not say that FOO is undefined,
which exactly the wrong thing to do.  MacLisp will signal the undefined
function error first, and doing the opposite can be extremely confusing,
particularly if FOO is a fsubr or macro.  The other case it can't seem to
handle is the case where an atom has a macro property which is an atom.  I'm
not sure if lisp handles this case via the undefined function handler or if
eval knows about it.