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QIO flag in *LISP, and ASSLIS

There is no longer any reason to have the default value of this be 0,
so I changed it to 1.   ASSLIS  sub-names now reflect this is that
"ITS", "CMU", "REL", "SAI", "D20", "TNX"   all merely set the operating
system flag, and say nothing about the QIO flag.  In order to force 
ASSLIS to say somethign about the QIO flag, the following sub-names
force it to be 1:  "QIO", "CMQ", "RLQ", "SAQ";   the following
force it to be 0:         "CMO", "REO", "SAO"
And as before, "D10" and "MSA" try to make minimal versions for
TOPS-10 and SAIL.  Currently the SFA flag is triggered by the QIO