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I have some software that attempts to drive a peripheral device
(a printer, usually) through the AUX port of a CRT.  It is nothing
very elaborate, a bunch of LISP TYO's.  The critical thing is that
they use IMAGE mode TTY file.

When running under :CRTSTY IQ120 these do not work.  My hunch
is that CRTSTY is intercepting the RAW CONTROL and ESCAPE CODES
and "converting them to something harmless".  By opening the file
in IMAGE mode, I have effectively told Lisp NOT to convert things
to something harmless.  Isn't there some way it can pass this bit
of advice on to CRTSTY?

As it stands, I have to re-LOGIN and pretend to be something harmless
(a random printing terminal) when I want to use the AUX port.

Thanks, Mark