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    Date: 10 JAN 1979 2107-EST
    From: KMP at MIT-MC (Kent M. Pitman)

    Jonl tells me that it is undefined what state the world will be in if
    the following piece of code is executed typing a control-G in the place
    where each READLINE is ...


    What will happen, and if it is not clear can something be defined?
    Having to say "Well, don't do anything major in an UNWIND-PROTECT..."
    isn't really saying anything powerful for it.
It is **PRECISLY** defined what will happen.  When the "unwind-protect" forms
are run, the UNWIND-PROTECT frame to which they belong has been popped
first.  This way an error in the unwind protect forms, for example, will
not cause a loop.  Also, how else couls THROW's out of unwind-protect handlers
work??  That is why NOINTERRUPT T is done, so that an asynchronous interrupt
can't cause the forms not to be run!!