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Expanding TOPS-10 MACLISP

Hi again,
I checked with the UCI LISP hackers here to see how they get moby
(> 128K word) low segs.  It seems that our current monitor will refuse
to LOAD a stored file with a low seg of >128K, but it is perfectly
happy to grow the low seg of a running job to whatever size is
available (i.e. not used by the high seg).  So ALLOC ought to be able to
ask for additional core in the low seg once it is fired up.  This would
be a big help to us if the change could be put in without too much
hassle.  The losing size limitation on SAVE files' low segs might
also go away someday soon, at least here at CMU -- it seems to be a basically
arbitrary problem rather than anything fundamental.

Scott Fahlman