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reVisitations in the night!

Point well taken about compability between interpreted and compiled
code -- but that argues in no way for admitting a meaning for division
by zero (APL notwithstanding -- I'd like to know who needs/wants the
current behaviour of REMAINDER).

Independent of the compability of compiled code is the question of
compability of extended meanings between the generic and type-specific
operators.  Except for my intrusion of the problem of DIFFERENCE and "-",
I'm not sure if there have been any arguments about this.

P.S.  I continue to use "division" for the multiple-valued result;
    LISP has historically used QUOTIENT and REMAINDER to select between
    the two.  Also, as we have remarked before in the CommonLisp mails,
    the REMAINDER function isn't quite the same as MOD;  I'm not
    sure what the poin of MODding by 0 would be, but it could
    stand on a different footing than remainder.