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Two new mailing lists

	    Date: Sunday, 21 November 1982  02:22-EST
    From: MOON at SCRC-TENEX
    To:   Chiron <FEINBERG at MIT-MC>
    cc:   Bug-CRTSTY at MIT-OZ, Bug-Lisp at MIT-OZ, Bug-LispM at MIT-OZ,
          Bug-Oz at MIT-OZ
    Re:   Two new mailing lists

        Date: 21 November 1982  01:16-EST (Sunday)
        From: Chiron <FEINBERG at MIT-MC>


    It would be easier to remember the name of this mailing list if you would
    follow normal English spelling.  That's "extensions".

Right.  Now it is SUPDUP-EXTENSIONS@OZ.  It works for DM, MC, and ML,