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Two new mailing lists

	There are two new mailing lists at Oz:


	This purpose of this mailing list is to coordinate bug fixes
and day to day maintaince of Maclisp on Oz and perhaps other MIT
sites.  If anyone is planning to touch the <MACLISP> directory on Oz,
they should send a note to this list letting the experts know what is
up, so the experts have the opertunity to tell you if the planned
activities will interfere with the stability of Maclisp.  In
particular, any modifications to LISP.EXE or BBLISP.EXE at Oz should be
cleared through this list.


	The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss extentions to
the Supdup protocol.

If you are not familiar with the twenex mailbox system and would like
to be added to either of these mailing lists, send mail to
Feinberg@Oz, and I'll add you.