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I've unfortunately held onto this message for some time, so I'm not sure 
JKF still needs the info.  He was planning on implementing an IO-LOSSAGE 
handler for Franz Lisp.  Do any of you have any info on the following?
   Date: 15-Oct-82 11:14:44-PDT (Fri)
   From: UCBKIM.jkf@Berkeley
   Subject: io lossage
   In-Reply-To: Your message of 12 October 1982 05:26-EDT
   I am trying to figure out if what you do is possible in Franz Lisp.
   Our error system is easy to describe (see page 10-2 of the Franz manual).
   An error hander can be activated on i/o type errors and it can print
   the appropriate message on file not found errors, but it cannot say:
      pop to next errset, but don't print any message because I've already
      printed something.   [actually based on the implementation of errsets,
      I know a way it could be done, but there is no documented method
      of doing it]
   how does maclisp do this?  Does the 'errset' never print a message,
   and some error handler function always print the message?