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On the 20 (i.e. OZ) both lisp and the complr open their files in a
restricted mode that makes it impossible for anything else to touch
the files.  For example, the exec won't even show that they exist or 

Most of the time this dosn't matter, but consider the following situation.
The compiler dies in a strange state, and you are trying to figure out what
is going on.  Under ITS you could always go into ddt and look at the _unfa_
file in order to get some idea about what was going on.  On OZ you cannot
do that becuase though the file is there, it is restricted and you cannot 
touch it.  In particular, you cannot close it, so when the complr fork
is killed, the file is automatically deleted.

It seems to me that things would be a great deal more convenient if
lisp in general and the complr in particular just opened files normally.

			Dick Waters