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[TONYH: forwarded]

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 82 21:56:00 GMT
Original-Date: 29 October 1982 17:56-EDT

I have three little problems which defy all of the info we have here.
If anyone can offer any help or suggestions we'd be very grateful.:

   (1)  Macros which are compiled in one file cannot be called from
      another file if the latter is also compiled.  The error message is
      MACRO NOT PERMITTED IN UUO CALL.  We think it must be something to
      do with the declarations made at the tops of files for the compiler's
      sake, but we have no information about them, and all our guesses based on
      MacLisp source files have failed;

   (2)  We have tried to make the tilde a special readmacro.  The idea is that special
     comments within a file (they're quoted strings) should be prefaced by the tilde,
      and that when the file is loaded the readmacro will place these comments
      into a HELP system. The file containing the readmacro definition is
      compiled, and the idea works well as long as the files subsequently loaded
      (those with the tilde-ised comments in) are not compiled.  The readmacro won't
      work on FASL files , including its own file.

Also, does anyone happen to know how to stop typed-in characters from
being echoed back to the terminal?  I'm trying to build alittle keypad-
driven editor, but my keypad (VT52) sends three characters at once,
which I'd rather not see!

Oh - I've just remembered another one.  Our MacLisp occasionally has fits 
of GC_DAEMON errors involving STRING-COMPRESS-SPACE, and frankly none of
us can understand the source code which might tell us why...

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help, from the very heart of
quaint little old England.