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Strange interaction between LEDIT and COMPLR on Tops-20

Assuming that the default Ann Arbor Teco terminal type does not have a meta
key, then I know the problem very well as I used to have it on my Concept-LNZ
with meta key.  The fix I used is Teco code in my Emacs init library of the
following sort:

   !* Create Sail Mode and Meta Key Variables.  These variables save the !
   !* values of FS Sail$ and FS Tty Fci$ so that FS Tty Macro$ can reset them !
   !* automatically if Emacs is restarted. !

   -1 M.V Zubkoff_Sail_Mode	    !* Initialize Sail Mode to -1. !
   0 M.V Zubkoff_Meta_Key	    !* Initialize Meta Key to 0. !
   1:<FS TtyIdn U0 F~0Concept-LNZ-10"G
      1 UZubkoff_Meta_Key	    !* Activate Meta Key on Concept-LNZ's. !
      0 UZubkoff_Sail_Mode '>	    !* Assume Sail Font on Concept-LNZ's. !

   !* If the System doen't know what Baud Rate the terminal is using, !
   !* set it to 1200 baud.  Also, reset FS Sail$ and FS Tty Fci$ from !
   !* the variables Zubkoff_Sail_Mode and Zubkoff_Meta_Key. !

   @:I*| 2 FS Echo Lines
      FS OSpeed"E 1200 FS OSpeed'
      QZubkoff_Sail_Mode"G 1 FS Sail'
      QZubkoff_Meta_Key FS Tty Fci | FS TTY Macro
   FS TTY Init

I hope this helps.