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[Rees: [Ellis: (\ X Y) in SOLVE-DI2]]

    Date: Tuesday, 26 October 1982  23:11-EDT
    From: Jonathan Rees <Rees at YALE>
    To:   KMP, GJC
    Re:   [Ellis: (\ X Y) in SOLVE-DI2]

    Does this (the \ inconsistency, that is) deserve note on BUG-LISP?
    Date: 26-Oct-82 1:20PM-EDT (Tue)
    From: John R. Ellis <Ellis>
    To:   Nicolau
    cc:   Fisher, <C.S.Bulldog>, Rees
    Re:   (\ X Y) in SOLVE-DI2

    (\ X Y)

    When Y = 0, the Maclisp SUBR that implements \ for the interpreter gives
    a different result than the machine instruction that Maclisp uses when
    it compiles \.  Typical, but you should always be wary of dividing by
    0 in any compiled language (I'm not saying that's the way things SHOULD
    BE, just the way they are).