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[Ian G. Macky <Phaedrus>: overwriting existing files.]

@LISP seems to have the same problem as the one fixed here; it refuses
to overwrite existing files.  It should probably be fixed.


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 82 16:41:00 GMT
Original-Date: 22 October 1982  12:41-EDT (Friday)
Sender: GREN at MIT-OZ
From: Ian G. Macky <Phaedrus>
To:   Ed Barton <EB at MIT-OZ>
Cc:   bug-cftp at MIT-OZ, bug-file-server at MIT-OZ
Subject: overwriting existing files.

It turns out that the FILE server was setting GJ%NEW\GJ%FOU for output
files, which was not really the best thing.  If you make it just GJ%FOU,
then files that have an explicit version number get overwritten, while
versionless ones get the next higher number...  this seems like the right
behavior, so I made the change in FILE.449 here on OZ.