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using the defstruct :print option.

The error messages you were getting were about ?FORMAT being called with
the wrong number of arguments, right?  This is the usual COMPLR braindamage
where you forget to tell it that a function is a lexpr and the first time
it discovers you calling that function with a different number of arguments
it drops dead.  (Despite the fact that just warning you and then continuing
would be OK since it hasn't actually produced any incorrect code or
anything.)  The temporary fix is for you to put a "(DECLARE (*LEXPR ?FORMAT))" 
somewhere (probably the same place you load defstruct), and to also be sure
that you get the format package loaded into your runtime correctly (since
?FORMAT doesn't have an AUTOLOAD property either).

BUG-* people:  I never noticed this before because the complr on ITS
already has FORMAT loaded into it apparently.  Could someone do the right
thing to give ?FORMAT an args declaration in the compiler so that I don't
have to continue to warn people about this?  Thanks.

I also thought that we had agreed to make ?FORMAT have an AUTOLOAD property
since it really is a necessity in using format in MacLisp.