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It's sort of a bug in Autokeep (or maybe in Twenex) that you can't set
the Autokeep bit for an entire cluster of files and have it apply to new
versions when written. I think what happened is that when Glenn wrote the
patch the other night to fix SUSPEND lossage, he didn't set the autokeep
bit back on. This was not so much an issue of OZ policy or anything silly
like that as just an easy slip to have happen. This is yet another good
reason why <SUBSYS>MACLISP should probably be an unchanging .EXE file 
which does nothing more than reload some other file (such as <MACLISP>'s
MACLISP.EXE). I think this is what is done on EE and I think the reasons
are similar. In any case, sorry for your lost work. It was not intended
that it shouldn't be kept.