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hacking/assembly maclisp

Thanks for the info, now, I wonder if I have *read* access to the
Maclisp directory on XX? sigh... it is a wonder anything gets done
at MIT inside LCS. Yes, I expected to be at the lisp conference,
but when the time came to leave it seemed more fun to stay at
ATARI and hack up some demo's in NIL on their brand-new 780.
I heard that some of the graphics in TRON were done in Maclisp
on a Foonly (by the way). Remember that bug note/question about
extened objects and arithmetic some months ago? I think it
was from the same guy, Craig Renolds?
Anyway, thats the state of things, I'll be at ATARI again in a little
while and I'll give you a call in Palo Alto, want to see some
3-D graphics in NIL controlled via the flavor system?
[No, I didn't implement a number-compiler for NIL yet, the crunching
 stuff is written in (sigh) "C" which gets interfaced to NIL in the
 obvious way.]