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Re: fixes to maclisp

I've just returned from two weeks travelling (LispConference, AAAI, MIT
visit etc) and I didn't see you at MIT -- are you still there?

There used to be a .CTL file on MIT-XX, PS:<MACLISP>ASSLIS.CTL, which
you could just SUBMIT and it would doo all the rest.  It would leave
an *uninitialized* result on SS:<MACLISP>BBLISP.EXE.<nnnn>  and also
do an initialization phase leaving PS:<MACLISP>XLISP.EXE.<nnnn> and
PS:<MACLISP>LISP.SYMBOLS.<nnnn>.   You then rename XLISP to LISP after
certifying that things are winning.  The value of the uninitialized
file is that it's hard to patch the LISP.EXE file with the existing NDDT since
it involves changing file page accessibilities (read-only etc).