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Re: Lisp problem

There were no bugs displayed in that session.  By default, Maclisp is in
base 8, and 15(8) = 13(10) (where the notation xx(n) means the numeral
xx in base n), and the GCD of 5(10) and 13(10) is indeed 1.  The
variables that control the base that numbers are input and output in are
"base", which is the base that numbers are output in, and "ibase", which
controls the input base.  Associated with these is the variable
"*nopoint", which if set to T causes the decimal point that normally
follows decimal numbers on output to be suppressed.  Note that any
fixnum that has a trailing decimal point (as in 100.) is also read in in
decimal, regardless of the setting of ibase, so to initially set the
base variables you should say:
	(setq base 10.)
	(setq ibase 10.)