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push/defvst interaction?

    Date: 22-Aug-82 10:22PM-EDT (Sun)
    From: John Ruttenberg <Ruttenberg at YALE>

    It doesn't happen if you are using defstruct instead.

        We would use defstruct, except that using it into named hunks
        makes it want to use some version of defvst that we don't have
        here.  Where are the authorative up to date sources for things
        like defstruct and defvst?  I'd like to know if we can get
        this fix and others like it.

I heve never released a version of defstruct that had anything whatsoever to do
with ANY of the out-of-core (autoloading) MacLisp libraries.  There is a
feature that made defstruct a front end for defvst which I have never released
to anyone, but that wouldn't do you any good anyway.  Can you send me an
example of a defstruct that tries to load ANYTHING?  Up-to-date defstruct FASL
can be found on LISP;STRUCT FASL.

    Also note that I don't seem to be able to compile the bug infested
    code.  (Same problem - some unbound gensym in the push expression).

I'm not surprised that you can't compile it either.