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The reason valret works the way it does is because when the EXEC runs a
program it takes the *LINE* of text that was used to invoke that
program, prepends the name of the program and sticks that back into the
rescan buffer for the program to read.  this is why you can pass
arguments to a program on the command line, ie, "finger foo<crlf>" when
typed to the EXEC will cause the exec to stick the string "FINGER foo"
into the jobs rescan buffer.  Since there is only one rescan buffer,
anything else that might have been in the buffer is lost.
When finger starts up, it checks the rescan buffer for any commands.

TOPS-20 could use a set of pipes so input intended for a process could
be done right.  Various people have indicated a desire to put pipes into
tops-20 but so far no one has done so.

-- Edjik