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    Date: Tuesday, 29 June 1982  16:11-EDT
    From: Dave Goodine <MERMAN at MIT-OZ>

    ... Is it possible to tell LISP to  send a string to TWENEX
    and have it process it?  I've tried using VALRET, but it doesn't
    seem to work as it does on ITS.

Empirically, I note that VALRET works in a subtlely different way than 
on Twenex than on ITS. If there is input pending after a program is entered
and that program doesn't use that input, the input is discarded. eg,
will work to invoke finger, and
will work to kill the current fork (RESET is a monitor command, not a 
program), but
will end up with the CONT discarded, where the analagous 
would work just fine on ITS. Other than this misfature (and the amazingly
losing habit Twenex has of typing "@" even tho' it's not going to echo the
valretted text), VALRET seems to work reasonably for me, also.