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Extension for Lisp files

    Date: 23 June 1982 10:49-EDT
    From: Charles Rich <RICH at MIT-AI>

    Hey Guys!
       I think there is a serious problem that people should know
    about right away.  The version of the ATSIGN program we currently have
    on OZ, which everyone will want to use to make listings of their Lisp
    source files (Lispmachine and otherwise) really only accepts three
    letter extensions.  This means you must name your lisp files FOO.LSP
    instead of FOO.LISP.  Either we get a more winning version from somewhere
    or we should warn people now about this convention.

A related screw is that LispMachines use the extension LISP for source code,
while MacLisp uses the extension LSP.  Thus you must choose which lisp you will
be forced to type the extensions to.  I like LISP better than LSP, and I really
wish I could convince MacLisp to default to that instead (the LOAD function,
the autoloader and complr's command-line parser being the most obvious
manifestations).  Suggestions?