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LIBLSP directory on OZ

I just spent several hours copying the contents of the LIBLSP; directories on
AI, ML and MC onto a new <LIBLSP> directory on OZ.  This means that things like
(load '((liblsp) laugh)) will do the same thing on OZ that they do on ITS.

The contents of the LIBDOC; directories have also been copied onto <LIBLSP>.
(Reunited with their fasl files just as they used to be on ITS before there was
a directory overflow.)

I made a great many small decisions about which versions of various packages to
take (there were many inconsistencies across ITS's).  I tried to take the most
up-to-date version of everything, but I probably goofed up many times.  If you
maintain a package on LIBLSP, you might consider checking that I have moved an
acceptable source and fasl of your package to OZ.

I did not move any package that I personally knew was specific to ITS, but that
means I certainly moved many that were.  People are invited to delete packages
that they are SURE will be useless on OZ.

I was forced to change the name of one package:  DEBUG* became DEBUG-STAR.