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Re: MacLisp on OZ -- the LISP: logical name

This started before the PPN hack was generalized (the PPN hack starrted
on TOPS-10).  MacLISP should work perfectly well without the LISP:
device/logicalname, but if there is such, and if it doesn't point to
the PS:<MACLISP> directory, then the PPN hac gets de-installed at
startup time.  It's very highly recommended that software access system
stuff through the lisp-leve device "LISP" rather than through (PS MACLISP)
so that (ho ho) one could actually put the lisp system on say LIB:<MACLISP>
rather than PS:<MACLISP>.  But in either case, the PPN hac is an
independent thing (except in so far as the startup code will remove it
if it is inconsistent).

Possibly the check for "consistency" between a logical name LISP: and the 
PPN property of LISP depends upon the existence of a file LISP:SITE.TXT
[which as I mentioned before holds the value for (STATUS SITE)],  but I
hope not.  It would probably be better to check for LISP:LISP.EXE.