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MacLisp on OZ

Its a good idea to move LIBLSP to OZ. I have a tendency to like the name
<MACLISP.LIB> though, and to give LIBLSP the right PPN property.

Speaking of TOPS-20 maclisp, here are a couple bugs to remember to fix.
[1] When you run COMPLR.EXE use INFO MEMORY and note that you don't get
    any sharing with the MACLISP.EXE from which the COMPLR was suspended.
    FIX: Move MIT-EE:<GJC.TMP>SHARE.EXE to <SUBSYS> on OZ, and use it
    instead of SAVE to make the COMPLR.EXE file.
[2] There is a bug in TTY initialization after SUSPEND which shows up for
    example in COMPLR and SCHEME on MIT-EE (when you SUPDUP).
    FIX: Mike Travers has the fix.